Not crafted related!

Sorry folks.. I am unable to concetrate on anything crafty today! Why you might ask? Cos I am going to Bon Jovi this evening! I am soooooooo excited! My inlaws are watching my kids, and my husband and I are headed with our best friends Andrew and Liette, to the concert! I won them tickets on the radio.. our seats, we paid they are a bit better. I am just so excited they can come! I tried everyday forEVER to win them tickets..then on an unexpected day, I knew the trivia question answer, and boom! Won the tix! Awesomeness! I am hoping it will be a great show (as all other 38 of them I have been to have been) and that Jon’s torn calf muscle doesn’t hinder his performance too much! SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! It’s only 2pm, and my husband won’t be home for 4 more hours…this is torture for me folks..if only you knew! LOL! 🙂  Keep the Faith

C-Cubed 🙂  soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited…lol


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