Been gone for what seems like FOREVER~

Hey Ccubed fans, I apologize about the delay. Sometimes life gets the better of us ya know? I was in the hospital for half of january and most of february, so I definitely was absent from my blog. Prior to that I was dealing with the emotions of my surgery, and that left me in a bit of a funk. Not in a crafty mood and grumpy, I closed the door on my scrapbooking room and walked away. It didn’t help we were trying to sell our house, and keep it up to snuff for showings! Well it didn’t sell, the market is tough right now I guess. So after surgery, and nearly dying and finally feeling like me again, I am back to crafting YIPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!! What better way to get back into it than visiting my favorite site : for some inspiration 🙂 I found the following challenges there, that I want to try today! 🙂 challenges 3 flourishes

I am thinking that I will start with that, and edit if I end up doing more!


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